Your own radio station, there's no better way to sell your brand
Your travellers will never feel alone again
Your own radio station, there's no better way to communicate
1 Français sur 2 écoute du son au travail !
We all have radio stations to invent.
With so many projects to accomplish and so many extraordinary things to say and share, directly, simply and compellingly.

Every day, we create, produce and air radio programmes for 5 million listeners in 10 languages. Radio for people on the move, in-house communications, management communications, financial communications and retail are our domains of excellence.

Our strategy is underpinned by the radio expertise at our more than 15 specialist agencies, driven by the innovation behind our enterprise radio R&D programme, for which we have received certification from France’s OSEO business support agency.

Mediameeting is today a unique centre of excellence in the world of enterprise radio.