Success Story
So many communities, so many great radio programmes to share

Radio Mousquetaires, the radio’s radio!

This radio, the first of its kind in the retail market in France, has been operating since 1989 and was until recently an integral part of the Mousquetaires group, broadcasting to its sales outlets in France, Belgium, Poland and Portugal. With an outlet every 17 km in France, local proximity is the radio’s leitmotiv. In all, Mediameeting produces and presents 8 radio programmes for the Mousquetaires: for Intermarché in France and for Bricomarché and Netto in Europe.
Each brand has its own musical identity, programme schedule and news features, and each outlet organizes local events recorded and broadcast from studios in Paris. Mediameeting provided its expertise in radio programme design, playlisting, technologies and editorial direction. Shoppers can listen in while they shop, but only Mousquetaires employees get to hear the programme from 6 to 8.30 in the morning devoted to news from group headquarters and to songs that employees at different outlets dedicate to one another.
While the experience of customers genuinely attached to ‘their’ radio is enhanced and teams are undoubtedly motivated by their morning programme, there is also a measurable impact on sales. The Mousquetaires group’s radio attracts 1.5 million listeners every day, equivalent to the audience of a major national radio station. Above all, it’s a radio that boosts sales, since for the latest survey by SAD Marketing in October 2014, 14% of customers surveyed said they had made a purchase after hearing an advertisement, and 7% from the same panel of customers said it was an unplanned purchase. So the impact of Radio Mousquetaires is clear and can only keep growing.
Claude Paichard has led the Radio Mousquetaires project from the outset. Seen through his radio journalist’s eyes, “this is our success story, an achievement that is down to our ability to listen to the customer and foster a close relationship, and to the technology solutions we have implemented to broadcast across Europe. Both of these factors are fuelling a passion that is set to continue and spawn many new ideas for the future.”