Success Story
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Behind the wheel with Sanef 107.7!

“Since 1 July 2014, when we first started working with Sanef, we’ve pursued our shared ambition of providing a superb motorway radio station,” says Arnaud Ducoudré, Sanef radio station controller for Mediameeting. “And that involves delivering quality road traffic news, which isn’t quite as easy as it seems.” The new station therefore sought to adapt the well-honed playlisting and local news delivery codes of radio to the Sanef brand.
Clearly, the first priority is to get accurate real-time traffic information quickly to road users, and to update it just as quickly. Sometimes, this means interacting immediately with motorists to help them choose the best route. But a motorway radio should also seek to accompany, inform and entertain people on their travels, without of course distracting the driver. Sanef’s traffic news is read by the station’s 20 professional radio presenters, who combine journalistic and artistic talents all into one.
And what about music? While FM radio stations cover the full spectrum of motorists’ musical tastes, for Sanef 107.7 Mediameeting has conceived unique playlists that avoid falling into the trap of simply copying the same sounds, striking a careful balance between French classics, American and British pop, and hits old and new. The music takes over while you keep your hands safely on the wheel.
Winning this bid gave Mediameeting the opportunity to demonstrate its prowess in mobile news delivery and its ability to give new impetus to a team by carefully listening to the customer’s needs. “Our ability to deliver innovative content and technologies, our editorial expertise and our responsiveness were key factors in gaining Sanef’s trust,” adds Mediameeting’s President Anne-Marie de Couvreur. “They’re also our first listeners. Users’ enthusiastic reactions barely two months after we started working together delighted everybody.”
For Sanef’s Operations Director François-Régis Olivier, “motorway radio stations were born more than 20 years ago out of motorway concession holders’ desire to keep motorists informed in real time about traffic conditions and immediate dangers. They’re predicated on road safety and today are responding to customers who expect them to be a more active presence when they’re behind the wheel. Building on the highly professional manner in which the previous incumbent set up this radio station 20 years ago, Sanef’s decision last June to select a new provider for Sanef 107.7 was a tough one to take. We chose Mediameeting because they matched our ambition to develop the station’s reliability and responsiveness, going further than simply delivering traffic information, and to achieve greater programme consistency, better presentation, better playlists and more attractive features, and to be present at big events like the Davis Cup, the Agricultural Show or the Velasquez exhibition. To perform its road safety and service role effectively, Sanef 107.7 must above all be a radio station that people want to listen to…”
“In June 2014, Mediameeting and Sanef faced a threefold musical, editorial and technical challenge. Nine months on and with hindsight, we can say we’ve pulled it off. Most of all, our customers are benefiting from the continuous improvement dynamic we’ve instilled. The quality of our relationship is largely due to the dialogue between Sanef, which is very attentive to its road safety role and to the quality of its services, and Mediameeting, which brings its radio expertise, quality programmes and obviously its human and technical organization. This mutual understanding and sharing of experience are the keys to our future success…”