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Retail Radio

you’re going to love stocking up

A radio just for your brand, with its own musical and commercial identity, its own unique style, features and playlists: besides creating a good atmosphere, it also motivates your customers and spurs buying decisions, resulting in a larger average shopping cart. Thanks to our expertise spanning the design, production and distribution chain, we significantly boost sales figures and enhance customer relations.

Team-Retail Radio

a morning show just for you and your teams

What if you used the time before opening or after closing to communicate directly with your teams while they’re putting products on shelves? A radio to convey merchandising and special offers, national campaigns, corporate messages, priorities, project and result announcements and local point-of-sale news to motivate employees, promote loyalty and give them a spring in their step each morning.

Managers’ Retail Radio

the communication channel for your key people

Franchisees and shop managers are the linchpin of your network. Make information accessible 24/7 and update it at your own pace to train and inform your managers and get them involved in developing the brand.

Social Retail Radio

Your point-of-sale radio is so well received that your customers want it in their shopping cart! Make your programme a web radio to increase the impact of your newsletters and raise your social network profile. Social radio creates close ties with your customers: a radio where there’s nothing to sell and everything to win!