Your own radio station, there’s no better way to sell your brand

Create your in-store radio
 and enhance the customer experience!

The future of retail lies in creating value, not just squeezing margins.

Philippe MOATI

We will work together to create your very own radio station and:

Engage customers at your points of sale

Create the right atmosphere for buying with a music playlist that reflects your style

Boost your sales with specific, geolocated self-promotion messages

Enhance the customer experience, at home, on the move and before, during and after the purchase

Together, we invent your radio and bring it to life.


We put together and constantly update your personalized music playlist.


We create your personal sound identity.


We create the jingles and liners for your radio station every step of the way.


We create all your news content (general-interest and thematic newsflashes, etc.)


We create and produce all the content to engage customers, with special features, voice tracks, etc.


For your teams, we’ve invented in-house communication spots. These provide great moments for sharing product information, company news or more personal life events like birthdays, weddings and births—in other words, everything that makes up the daily life of a company and employee.


We create your national and local adverts and insert them automatically in your radio programme.


We have the best tech people to get your programmes on air via the Web, satellite, podcasts, apps and more. Mediameeting also possesses its own labs and R&D programme.

Mediameeting is certified as an innovator by France’s OSEO business support agency.
Every day, Mediameeting creates and airs in-store radio programmes for more than 5,000 points of sale, in 3 languages, all over Europe. So your customers benefit from everything we’ve done up to now and everything we’re going to imagine for you…

A bouquet of 9 multilingual in-house radio stations combining communication for employees and customers, served by a highly effective strategy.