We all have something to tell each other

Our business

Inventing your enterprise radio

We love radio. We’re perfectionists and idealists. We’re not only communication theorists, but also inventors, analysts and creatives constantly seeking to improve our radios and processes.

Igniting interest

Understanding your history,

culture and challenges.

Building your broadcasting strategy.

Conceiving the most attractive content.

Hitting the soundwaves

Creating programmes that make sense.

Highlighting your contributors and content

Broadcasting with the most advanced technologies

Going the extra mile

Constantly measuring your audience figures.

Analysing and adjusting.

Advising you to keep moving forward.

And continuing to innovate every day.

Because our customers understand that:

  • an enterprise radio can be intelligent and attractive
  • a technology can be innovative and proven
  • a programme can be interesting and moving
  • an audience can be analysed and stimulated
  • a company can combine performance with an eminently benevolent approach

For them, we’ve put together the best enterprise radio team in Europe.

Our teams of inventors include not only programme experts and directors, but also journalists, engineers, digital designers and highly talented musicians.

Mediameeting is 25% communications agency,
25% software house and 50% radio.

Each of our complementary teams brings their own expertise into the mix.

Just imagine everything you can do with Mediameeting.