Your travellers will never feel alone again

To travel smart, you need to be well informed.

92% of passengers feel that better information increases their overall satisfaction with public transport.

Source: Mobility and Urban Transport, M. Watkins.

Passengers expect to be kept informed during their journey.
So let’s get moving!

We work with you to create, present and air your passenger information radio programmes.

Whether on 2 or 4 wheels or on the train, every day millions of people travel to work, school or the shops, to see a friend or for any number of reasons. Your transport systems and our radio stations enhance their travel experience.

I do a lot of travelling and like all passengers I like to be kept well informed during my journey. It’s vital for travelling safely and with peace of mind.

(Claude Paichard, Head of Mobility BU)

Radio programmes for motorways, railways, car parks and urban transport systems, podcasted or live, or both—at Mediameeting, we have all the in-house radio programmes you ever dreamed of and those you never even imagined. We have the experts to assist you and the tech people to get you on air. There is so much to say and we have the digital technologies to help you say it. And every day, our team of radio pros is here to humbly serve you.

Motorway radio

Mediameeting produces programmes for sanef 107.7, the radio station of the sanef and sapn motorway networks. Sanef 107.7 delivers continuous traffic information to motorists, helping them to safely reach their destination. With the right kind of music, interspersed with general-interest news, special reports and features, sanef 107.7 makes the journey go quicker.

Car park radio

Back in 2005, Mediameeting and VINCI Park imagined Radio VINCI Park, France’s most famous corporate radio station. Conceived by musicologist Alain Duault, the classical music playlist is a model of its kind and is doing much to popularize the classical repertoire. Service messages complement this programme aired in full digital sound. In 2014, Radio VINCI Park second generation was born and its new technological platform now includes culture news from customer local authorities.

Railway traffic information radio

In 2009, Mediameeting created the first continuous railway traffic information programmes. To keep passengers informed before they leave and during their journey, when trains are running smoothly or when there are delays, radio is the real-time media that best serves your customers, your employees… and your communication. Mediameeting also develops training to help your employees better inform passengers.

Urban mobility radio

Mediameeting helps transport bodies to develop innovative passenger information solutions. Whether for webradios, podcasts or traffic information, radio is the mobile technology that makes life easier for passengers while encouraging use of intermodal urban transport. Mediameeting also develops training for everyone involved in the passenger information process.

At Mediameeting, you’ll find the radio station to keep you moving!

“I get traffic updates on my smartphone but also on the platform and on the bus, tram or train, and of course in my car. I know where my kids are and when they’re going to arrive. We still have the same problems to cope with, but now I can manage them better.”