At Mediameeting, innovation is a constant commitment.

Mediameeting was spun off from Orange’s business incubator in January 2004 after a 12-month period of market and economic research with the assistance of consultants at Ernst and Young.

Mediameeting received certification as an innovator from France’s BPI business support agency in 2010 and is eligible for funding from FCPI innovation mutual investment funds.

Innovation is ingrained in everything Mediameeting does:


Mediameeting first invented and protected the concept of ‘enterprise radio’ in France in 2003 and has been developing it every day since.


Mediameeting is an operator of new media and a new-generation company like no other. It is both a communications agency, software house and radio station.


Mediameeting is conducting social science research into the uses of new media, in partnership with the French in-house communications association AFCI and the IEP political studies institute (‘Sciences Po’) in Toulouse.


Mediameeting is pursuing a dedicated R&D programme focused on the media of in-house radio. Since 2004, 100% of profits have been ploughed back into R&D.

Mediameeting is an ambassador
for Toulouse’s as a French Tech city.

At Mediameeting, each great idea has the potential to become a programme or customer experience.