Your own radio station, there’s no better way to communicate

61% of employees surveyed in France said they rarely or never hear their boss’s voice.

(Meanings-Harris Interactive survey, October 2012)

Radio for employees, managers and shareholders, brand radio stations, podcasted or live, or both—at Mediameeting, we have all the in-house radio programmes you ever dreamed of and those you never even imagined. We have the experts to assist you and the tech people to get you on air. There is so much to say and we have the digital technologies to help you say it.

Every day, our team of radio pros is here to humbly serve you.

Together, we will invent your in-house radio station. Whatever your technologies and budget, you can count on our experts’ advice.


Monthly HR news programme devoted to internal job mobility.


Radio programmes for medical sales reps and employees, focused on the firm’s strategic news.

French Ministry of Defence

HR news programme devoted to mobility of military personnel, with support from the club of partner firms and families.

Organizations are rediscovering the value of the spoken word as a way to innovate and boost economic and social performance.

(Cahiers de l’AFCI, December 2013)

On the same wavelength as your teams

29% of employees have never heard the sound of their chief exec’s voice.

(Meanings-Harris Interactive survey, October 2012)

We all need moments where we can interact, where each individual feels like they are in the room with their boss or colleague and can share not just news but emotions, too.

(Cahiers de l’AFCI, December 2013)

Go for it, go live!

“I really enjoy live shows, because they add value in terms of communication. A live in-house radio show gives people the chance to talk frankly. We share ideas and answer questions directly. That promotes better understanding. We do a lot of live shows at Mediameeting, they’re always a moment to remember in the life of companies. We prepare them with care and then the magic of live radio does the rest. I really love that.”

(Julien Guillaume, Head of Corp&Brand Radios)