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Radio for managers

to cultivate meaning and drive

With information overloading our inboxes and a host of changes to cope with, each more urgent than the next, how can you ensure your leaders are heard, make sense of it all, measure your company’s progress and express opinions freely? Through editorials, status updates, project schedules, roving interviews, expert comment, customer panels and more. Listen and see for yourself …

Radio on the road!

Salespeople, technicians, auditors and inspectors are just some of those whose main job involves daily contact with customers and users. A radio programme communicates sales messages, results and feedback to them while they’re on the road—a whole new world to invent or discover …

Radio for change

getting things moving

Any organization managing change—when demand for information spirals and you’re looking to make sense of things and reaffirm values, to instil leadership and disseminate early results—needs to reassure its people and bond them together. The emotional dimension of sound provides this reassurance, while factual information gives you just what’s needed to manage change successfully. The editorial from the corner office, project status checks, stakeholder interviews and live Q&As. Get interacting

Radio for leaders

tell it like it is

Go on air once a month to take stock of how your company’s doing and what it’s planning, to explain changes and answer live questions. Your audience will be captivated and the interaction a live show breeds is positive for everyone. Over to you…

Radio on the road!

you’re in it together

The diversity of retail networks, fierce competition and the delicate balance to be maintained between a brand’s fundamentals and local requirements are all factors that need to be carefully considered, as well as opportunities to promote cohesiveness. Hear from staff, franchisees, customers and consumer experts. Everyone’s talking about it …

Community radio

to forge team spirit

Motivate project and cross-functional teams, new facilities, globalized hubs and extended supplier and customer teams, share best practices and encourage effective project management across time zones, through live programmes, Q&A sessions, forums and stakeholder testimonials. Find out more…

HR mobility radio

to offer opportunities

Give your people the freedom to move, mobilize internal and external stakeholders, showcase career paths, and draw inspiration from success stories and testimonials. It’s all about breaking down resistance to change, networking and incorporating radio into your human resources system. Learn from those who’ve already succeeded …

Radio on the move!

How can you make moving to new premises a day to remember instead of a chore or a time of regret for employees? Make it a fresh start, an opportunity to foster new contacts by readying everyone in advance and covering it on the airwaves on the day. See who we’ve worked for…/p>

Radio to give customers their say

Can we ever do enough for our customers? But what if we let them do the talking? At every tier of the value chain, what they have to say always rings true and draws on their actual experience, through profiles, reports on customer processes or ‘stand-out’ companies and expert testimonials. Invite your customers in for a chat…

Radio brand

Have you ever thought about giving more of a voice to your organization’s top minds? Radio is the natural way to reach out to a large and widely dispersed audience, with regular rendezvous and podcasts.

Radio for the ‘big day’

creating an event

When investing time, money and effort in events to meet customers, stakeholders or shareholders, why not add to them with radio, provide coverage throughout the big day and keep a record for it posterity?

Getting the sound right for MOOCs

Massive Online Open Courses are clearly a success and offer genuine advantages. But while they lend themselves well to online dissemination, to deliver training effectively you must have the sound quality to match.