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Motorway radio

create your own traffic news station

On motorways everywhere, around the clock and in all weathers, traffic news radio is the media of choice to keep motorists informed in real time and to keep them entertained with features and music. In short, a radio to guide and accompany your customers on their travels. Safety and service.

News radio

for urban mobility

The media you’ve been waiting for to make getting around in the city easier! A radio station that helps you choose the best modes of transport, provides real-time traffic news and alternative solutions to avoid jams, while promoting public transport. An intermodal radio serving all players in the mobility chain. Simple and effective.


when you’re on the move

What could be more mobile than a radio? Remember how you used to carry it around the house? Now, travel information radio follows you everywhere, whether you’re on a business trip, a weekend for two, or on a cultural or social outing. Comfortable and entertaining.

A travel information account on Twitter?

Follow the thread

Inform and exchange with your mobile customers! A service that ideally complements radio to energize and inform your mobile community. Useful and communal.

Train your personnel

in verbal communication

Keeping passengers up to date when there are delays is crucial to avoid turning the customer experience into a nightmare. Service and proximity are the keys! We are the largest centre providing passenger information training in France. We pass on our radio journalist skills to everyone in the passenger information chain. The result keeps everyone happy.